Sleep Sheep On The Go, Tranquil Whale Blue Family, and Tranquil Turtle Review

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The Tranquil Whale Family is a whale-shaped night lamp with a cute smaller whale stuffie. The night lamp projects sea waves in the ceiling, with an underwater light effect that calms the little one and makes the bedtime routine easier. It also features sounds to soothe and relax the little one. It is possible to adjust the lamp’s brightness and volume. You can also choose from two different sounds: underwater melody and ocean waves. The cute whale stuffie is super soft and jingles when it’s shaken, being the perfect to-go toy. The Tranquil Whale is available in blue and white.

The Tranquil Turtle is an adorable turtle-shaped night light, and its shell glows in a relaxing blue color, projecting a calming underwater light effect. It also has two relaxing, soothing sounds, and the volume is adjustable to best fit your baby’s style. The Turtle is soft and available in four different cute colors.

The Tranquil Whale and the Tranquil Turtle have a 23-minute automatic sleep timer that ensures darkness and silence when the baby falls asleep. They both require 3 AA batteries, not included.

The Sleep Sheep On the Go is an adorable sheep-shaped sound machine. It plays 4 different sounds and melodies, perfect to use at home or wherever you go. The sounds are gentle streams, spring showers, ocean surf, and whale songs. The size is perfect for little ones to cuddle and is also travel friendly. That way, the baby is cozy and has the comfort to nap and sleep anywhere. The sheep has a velcro strap that easily attaches to strollers, car seats, cribs, and more. It has an automatic shut-off time of either 23 or 45 minutes and requires 2 AA batteries included.

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Should I get it?

These soft and adorable toys are a must-have to ensure the baby sleeps well.

The Turtle, the Whale, and the Sheep are recommended for babies newborn and up.

Any of these will help soothe the baby.


Tranquil Turtle are:

  • cute design,
  • night light,
  • soothing sounds, and
  • various colors.

My pros for the Tranquil Whale are:

  • night light,
  • different soothing sounds, and
  • cute smaller whale included.

My pros for the Sheep are:

  • velcro strap,
  • many different sounds and melodies, and
  • auto shut times.


No cons for these items!

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