4-in-1 Learning Hamburger and Nest & Count Turtle Tower Review

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Editor's Review

Stack, count, and more with two new LeapFrog stacking toys. Both the 4-in-1 Learning Hamburger and Nest & Count Turtle Tower have four ways to play. And both toys are made from reclaimed plastic. 

The Learning Hamburger comes stacked with a fabric lettuce leaf, two pickle pieces, two tomato pieces, two burger pieces, two onion pieces, two cheese pieces, a top bun, and a bun with a spiral pole. The inside pieces of the pickle, tomato, burger, onion, and cheese pop out to reveal different shapes. Babies can practice matching which shape goes with what piece and putting them back together like a puzzle. Spin the pieces around the pole and stack them however you want. You can even play a ring toss game with this. Like a traditional stacking toy, the burger bottom wobbles as kids stack and take off the pieces.

The Turtle Tower is a pull-along toy with five stackable and nestable turtles on top. Each colorful turtle is numbered one through five, has a different shape pattern on its shell, and features a different facial expression. When babies aren’t stacking or nesting the turtles, they can practice counting the turtles and pulling them along. The turtles do fall off when in motion. 

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The stacking play of both toys helps babies with fine and gross motor skills. We like that there are different ways to play with both toys and that they encourage parent-child play. Parents can use the hamburger to introduce babies to colors and shapes, and the turtles can be used to talk about numbers, sizes, and emotions. We also think parents will appreciate the lack of electronics in these toys and how they are made from reclaimed plastic. 


Help with fine motor skills
Different ways to play with each one
Made from reclaimed plastic
Introduce core learning skills



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