Sing-Along Song Bot and Channel Fun Learning Remote Review

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Editor's Review

Your baby wants to do everything you do, and that includes listening to music and changing the channel. Two new baby toys from LeapFrog allow babies to mimic Mom and Dad, while also introducing core learning skills. 

The Sing-Along Song Bot is a mini music player with lots of ways to play. Press the purple ABC button for music that encourages dancing and movement. Play the blue guitar button to hear classical music play. Press the orange baby button to hear favorite children’s tunes. And the red play button plays back recorded phrases with funny voice effects. To record a phrase, press the red microphone button, wait for the beep, and talk into the speaker. Press the red microphone button again to stop recording. And pressing the center star button activates more sounds and phrases. The Song Bot’s face lights up as it talks and sings. This comes with three AAA batteries and has two levels of volume.

The Channel Fun Learning Remote has nine buttons for babies to explore. Press the ABC button to hear songs about the alphabet. Press the movie button to hear different phrases in French, Spanish, and Mandarin, plus their English translations. Press the music button to listen to three styles of music and hear a “Let’s Watch a Movie” song. And press the numbers button to hear a counting song and phrases that include counting forward and backward. In the center of these buttons is a rainbow roller. Press it up or down to hear a song, or try to guess the color before it’s announced. The channel button will count to 10 and announce pretend TV channel names. The volume button plays silly phrases and animal sounds. The paw button plays phrases from Scout. And the clicker toggle on the side just makes clicking sounds when you press it. The top of the remote lights up and changes colors while the music and phrases play. Two AAA batteries are included, and the toy has two levels of volume.

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Both of these baby toys are fun ways to help babies develop fine motor skills and learn numbers, letters, and more. Their small size makes them easy to carry in a diaper bag for playtime on the go. And as your baby grows, these toys will also encourage imaginative roleplay. 


Develop fine motor skills
Easy to take on the go
Lights & music encourage learning play
Imaginative play as baby grows



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