Shimmercorns Sparkle Makeover Galaxie Review

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Editor's Review

This is a brand new type of unicorn that has a beautiful purple translucent body with some fun etchings, 3D gem-looking eyes, a horn, butterfly wings, a long mane and tail that’s mixed with silver and pink glitter! Also, in this package you’ll get 3 markers, 4 sheets of colored paper, and butterfly stencils with designs to decorate your unicorns wings!

To begin your decorated wings, place the stencil on the colored paper and color in exactly what you want. Once your done, slide the paper into the wings and there you go, customized wings! When you’re done, clean up is easy- just store the stencils in the wings.

Shimmercorns Sparkle Makeover Galaxie

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There are two to collect. You can cut out your own paper for more designs and it’s easy to clean up!

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