Sesame Street Dino Stomp Elmo, Elmo’s Learning Letters, and Learn with Elmo Phone Review

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Editor's Review

If you like Elmo, then you’ll love playing with three new Elmo toys from Just Play.

The Learn with Elmo Phone has 12 colorful buttons featuring different Sesame Street characters and more than 50 learning phrases, songs, and sounds. The phone looks like Elmo’s head, and the buttons are inside his mouth. Press any button to hear about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, music, and more. Press the Ernie button to hear Elmo tell jokes, press the Count button to practice counting, and press the Rosita button to practice counting in Spanish. And when you press the Elmo button, you can sing along to “The Wheels on the Bus”. The phone comes with three button cell batteries.

Elmo’s Learning Letters looks like a school bus and opens up to reveal all 26 letters of the alphabet. Press the Elmo button to hear different phrases and sounds relating to all the letters. Elmo will also sing the “Alphabet Song”. All of the letters can be removed to reveal a picture of a character or object that starts with that letter, and then kids can practice spelling words with the loose letters on the other side of the activity board. Put the letters back, close up the bus, and grab the handle to take the learning fun on the go. This includes two AAA batteries.

Dino Stomp Elmo is a dino-mite electronic stuffed animal featuring Elmo in a dinosaur costume. He moves his arms and stomps around to “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. Press Elmo’s left hand to get things started. Elmo will ask kids to stomp and roar along with him. Elmo also has a button on his chest that makes him giggle when pressed. The toy comes with three AA batteries.

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The Learn with Elmo Phone engages preschoolers in roleplay as they pretend to call Elmo and all of his Sesame Street friends. With more than 50 phrases, songs, and sounds, there’s a lot of learning content in this small toy phone. And its small size (six inches) makes it easy to take on the go.

Elmo’s Learning Letters makes a great on-the-go toy, too. Removing the letters helps with fine motor skills, and kids will like learning about the alphabet with Elmo. We like that there’s space to practice spelling words, and the design of this helps kids engage in pretend school play.

Dinosaur fans will like Dino Stomp Elmo. This is a fun way for kids to pretend to be a dinosaur along with Elmo, and it gets kids active. Kids will like watching Elmo stomp and move as he sings.


Pros (phone)

50 phrases, songs, and sounds

Engages kids in roleplay

Easy to take on the go

Pros (Elmo’s Learning Letters)

Elmo phrases and songs

Removing letters helps with fine motor skills

Space to practice spelling words

Engages kids in pretend school play

Great for on the go play

Pros (Dino Stomp Elmo) 

Watching Elmo stomp and move 

Gets kids up and active

Encourages pretend play



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