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Editor's Review

Make your own music with the Rukusfx Pro. This music-making toy uses the new Rukusfx Pro Studio App, giving you the ability to mix, edit, and play two music-based games. It comes with more than 120 music tracks and more than 120 sound effects. And just like the original Rukusfx, you control the music with four basic movements. Each punch, swipe, flick, and twist will add a different sound to the music you’ve chosen. 

To play without the app, just turn on the device, press a button until you find a song you want, and add sound effects to the song by punching, swiping, flicking, and twisting the device. If you press the Freestyle button, you can dance to music without triggering a new track. You can even record your performances and vocals. 

Now, with the app, you have access to a DJ Party Mixing Studio, track management, and a studio to create your own tracks. For more fun, play the Beat Drop game, where you must perform the correct move right on the beat, and the Brainiac game, where you must remember an ever-growing series of moves. 

You do need three AAA batteries, which are included, but you can connect the device to a USB port to power it that way. A USB cord is not included, and a USB cord does not charge the device. And yes, there is a headphone jack for quieter play.

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Should I get it?

If you liked playing the original Rukusfx, then maybe you’re ready to take things to the next level with the Pro version. (There might still be a learning curve to figuring out how all the new stuff works.) The new features give you even more control over the ruckus you’re making. But we like that this gets players active while inspiring creativity.


Play with or without the app
120+ songs and sound effects
New features give more control
Gets players active
Inspires creativity


Learning curve to figuring out new features, especially in the app

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