Rukusfx Motion Controlled Music Mixer Electronic Game Review

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Editor's Review

The Rukusfx comes out of the box with 3 AAA batteries installed, a nice plus! Now, make no mistake, this device looks simple, but holy moly, it is not. The absolute basics involve turning the Rukusfx into music mode or sound effects mode, which exclusively play the requisite type of sound, and the 4 basic movement types: punch, swipe, flick, and twist. Each movement will play a different sound file based on a million variables, but mainly, what mode you’re in.

Using the 4 basic movements, combined with the buttons, will let you control the Rukusfx. For example, changing volume involves holding down the bottom button upon booting and swiping to get the desired level. You can record performances or your own noises by pressing and holding the index finger button or middle finger button respectively. Change tracks by using the ring finger or pinky buttons. And that’s not even getting into the thumb button, which lets you cycle change between 2 groups of 4 motion sound prompts at a time. In total there are 120 sounds and 80 sound effects distributed among them!

But wait there’s more! An included USB cord allows you to plug your Rukus into the computer and upload your own songs, or download ones you’ve recorded on the Rukusfx. The motions are precise, and take some getting used to, but eventually you’ll get it. Thankfully, there are tutorial videos on how to operate the Rukusfx from the inventor himself, all on YouTube.

Rukusfx Motion Controlled Music Mixer Electronic Game

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Should I get it?

The Rukusfx is a fun toy for musically inclined and active kids through young teens. Being able to add your own music further increases the play value of this toy!


  • It’s simple to grasp the very basics.
  • It comes preloaded with a ton of music tracks and sound effects.
  • It includes batteries.
  • You can record remixes or custom sounds.


  • The Rukusfx is complicated! Learning to use this felt like studying for an exam, at times.
  • The volume resets every time you power it off.

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