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Editor's Review

This kinetic Charizard building set is 1,664 pieces, so it will realistically take you a couple of long sessions to build. We recommend taking a break at some point, since every single piece needs to be placed correctly for the apparatus to function. As a member of the Motion line of Pokemon sets, this one is a kinetic build, able to move via the turning crank connected to the base.

First though, let’s go over the visuals. The base continues the visual tradition of the Motion line, offering a subdued and simple facade to hide the gearwork. One thing we dig in particular about this set is that the lava seeps over the edge in some spots, which looks very cool! The top of the base depicts a piece of shattered earth amidst a pool of roiling lava, giving off the sense that the Charizard above is in motion and mid-flight even when not moving. Charizard themself looks spot on, with all the correct proportions and details. Printed details like the eyes and underbelly combine with the smooth gestalt of pieces to create an undeniably impressive portrait.

They have articulation in the arms, legs, feet and tail. The head can also rotate, but can’t look up or down. The poseable areas are actually a bit limited in range, but it helps to keep everything in place for the motion gimmick. Rotate the crank to see Charizard flap their wings, rising and falling over air currents as the lava plumes shift back and fourth. It takes a few rotations of the crank to do one full animation loop, and given the amount of gears, dowels and other mechanisms at play in this set, we believe it!

MEGA Motion Charizard Pokemon

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Should I get it?

Yes, this set is super cool! Visually, it’s one of the more impressive Pokemon Motion sets out there, and it’s a fun and engaging build. It’s well worth your time.


  • The accuracy to the original character is very high in both printed detail, color and proportion.
  • The motion gimmick works super smoothly.
  • It looks dynamic even when it’s still.
  • It’s an engaging build that’s not overly arduous. 


  • While Charizard does have articulation, the range isn’t that wide.

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