Play-Doh Grown Up Scents 90s Edition Review

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Editor's Review

Immediately, you’ll be struck by the very unique colors of the 90’s Play-Doh set, or rather, it’s the curated combination that is very specific. Nothing screams the 90’s quite like florescent blue, magenta, and goldenrod. We also have glittery black, which is evocative of cosmic bowling, an off-white, and a glittery gold. What is great about these colors specifically, is that since you have the full additive color spectrum! I know some might think it’s taboo, but you can make great secondary colors by mixing wisely.

Alright, it’s time to discuss the other unique gimmick of this set: the smells. We have Mall Food Court, Eau de Boy Band, Flannel Fresh, Dial Up Delight, Pump Up the Jams, and the delightfully anachronistic VHS Rental ‘N Chill. For the most part these scents accomplish what they set out to do: pay tribute to iconic 90’s concepts through…smell. Our favorite scent was definitely Dial Up Delight. It weirdly does make you think of floppy discs! Pump Up the Jams smells like new shoes, and Flannel Fresh smells like getting ready to go to a Nirvana concert. VHS Rental N’ Chill has microwave popcorn notes, while Eau de Boy Band is like the everyman of spray deodorant. Mall Food Court we weren’t totally sold on, it’s not UNpleasant, but it’s very hard to describe. It’s nebulous, it makes you think about things like the end of infinity. It definitely makes you feel…some type of way. In any case, at the end of the day, it’s the Play-Doh you know and love! It molds well, dries out with continued exposure to air, and mixes great. Armed with the knowledge of basic color theory, you can avoid the ever prevalent browns and greys of yore.

Play-Doh Grown Up Scents 90s Edition

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Of course it’s fun, it’s Play-Doh! Even better, this edition of Play-Doh comes with fantastically strange smells for even more amusement.

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