Nerf Super Soaker Soaker Blast Slider Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready to get soaked with the Nerf Super Soaker Soaker Blast Slider. This is two water toys in one! You get a 16-foot slide with a padded pool at the end and a built-in hose blaster. So as your friends go down the slide, getting wet from the slide’s soft water jets, you can spray them with even more water from the Super Soaker blaster. 

The slide needs to be set up on a flat, level, and obstacle-free lawn, and attached to the ground using the two plastic stakes. Use your hose to wet the slide first, and then attach the hose to the slide. Once the slide is completely filled with water, a child can sit at the top and let the water whisk them down to the splash zone. 

This comes with a water slide, a built-in hose blaster, two stakes, a repair patch, a hose adapter, and instructions. This should only be used under adult supervision. This product is not for use by anyone over five feet tall or weighing over 110 pounds.

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Should I get it?

Parents probably remember having a water slide like this in their yards when they were kids, so this brings back a lot of nostalgia. (Although, it is not used in the same way – for good reason!) For today’s kids, it’s a fun experience that combines water slides with water blasters, and it will be a great way to keep kids cool on a summer day. This brings the water park to your home.


16 feet long
Built-in water blaster
Splash zone at the end
Keeps kids cool on a hot day


Hard to empty the water when you’re done

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