Nerf N Series Ward, Agility, Pinpoint, and Infinite Blasters Review

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Editor's Review

There’s a brand new Nerf line offering accuracy, speed, and distance like never before. Geared toward ages 8 and up, the N Series lineup of darts and blasters offers something for every blaster battle need. 

The Nerf N Series Ward is a basic blaster perfect for when you need to move quickly and act fast. It’s got a compact, lightweight design, and is very easy to launch. It comes with two N Series darts and can blast one at a time. Load a dart, pull back on the handle, and press the trigger to fire. 

Because the Ward only comes with two darts, you might want to have some extras handy, and you can add to your N1 Dart collection with the a refill pack that includes 100 N1 Darts. These darts have a slightly different look than previous Nerf darts, and that’s because they are designed specifically for Nerf N Series blasters to offer extreme accuracy, speed, and distance.

The Nerf N Series Agility blaster has a six-dart revolving drum so that the action never stops. It’s still lightweight and comes with 12 N1 darts. Load six darts, pull back on the handle, and press the trigger to fire one dart. Easily prime again by pulling back on the handle so that you can keep blasting without interruption.

The Nerf N Series Pinpoint comes with 18 N1 darts and a 10-dart clip. This larger blaster is designed for long-range accuracy. Its fixed features include a stabilizing stock, targeting scope, and long barrel. To prime the blaster, you’ll pull the bolt all the way back until it clicks, and then push it all the way forward until it clicks and you can’t push it any farther. Then press the trigger to fire. 

And the Nerf N Series Infinite seems to come with an infinite amount of darts. There’s actually 80 N1 darts in the box. And its huge rotating belt makes it easy to reload and continuously fire. The pump-action blaster’s removable battle belt holds 40 darts at a time, plus there’s an additional 16-dart storage area on the belt. To prime this blaster, pull the slide all the way back, push it all the way forward until it clicks and you can’t push any farther, and then press the trigger.

Nerf N Series blasters are only compatible with Nerf N1 darts.

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For all of these blasters, it was difficult for our 8-year-old tester to prime them, especially the Pinpoint and Infinite due to their larger size and heavier weight. However, for those who are a little bit older or more familiar with Nerf blasters, you’ll appreciate the look and performance of the new N Series. These are just four of the blasters in the line, giving Nerf fans a lot of different options for their blaster battles and ensuring that kids have a blast playing outside.


Different blasters for different battling needs
Redesigned darts
Darts fly far
Active play outside


Learning curve to prime blasters

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