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Editor's Review

The Monster Jam Garage requires some assembly out of the box, and while the instructions can be slight visual overload at first, the process itself is intuitive and simple. Despite the stature and small connection points, everything fits together quite solidly! The Garage includes a single special Monster Jam truck, a Golden Gravedigger with a bright red undercarriage.

For solo play, load up the Gravedigger onto the fuelling station first, and then into the elevator. You must set the switch to either up or down, and then crank the lever multiple times depending on what level you wish to go to. On our copy, there’s a monster jam at the first floor, which is sometimes remedied with brute force, and sometimes isn’t. The rest of the elevator works great though, and if you have 2 AAA batteries, you can install them in the elevator lever to generate lights and various engine and car shop noises. Each floor has a unique track segment at the end, whether it’s a stunt ramp, a curve or a small slope, the trucks traverse them all with ease. There’s even a high stunt ramp up top that you can launch by taking the elevator all the way up. If you have a ton of Monster Jam trucks, you can use this set to store them all in a nice displayable fashion.

Monster Jam Garage

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This set is definitely worth it if you have a sizable Monster Jam collection, or plan to acquire more soon. With a single truck, the novelty may wear off in short order without introducing more trucks to the mix.


  • The set is very big and sturdy.
  • It has a light and sound feature.
  • It’s nice storage for your trucks.
  • A gold special edition Gravedigger is also included.


  • The elevator on our copy often gets jammed on the first level.
  • Batteries aren’t included.

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