Miraculous Fashion Designer Sketchbook, Color Changing Water Bottle & More Review

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Editor's Review

Ever wanted to style Marinette’s wardrobe? Now, you can with this Fashion Designer Sketchbook! Complete with double-sided brush markers, stickers, stencils, and a spiral-bound sketchbook- this DIY beauty book has everything you need to create your own superhero looks! Un-snap the cover and flip through the sketchbook to find all kinds of Miraculous designs- then get creative!

There’s also another way to get creative with the Color Changing Water Bottle! Use the 5 bright markers to color in the fierce design, then watch as the water bottle changes from red to yellow when you fill it with cold water! This BPA-free water bottle has a twist-off lid and a convenient carrying loop so you can take it wherever you go!

You could also get your spots on with the Spots On Beauty Makeover! From nail art to hair art and everything in between- this DIY beauty set has everything you need for a seriously awesome glam day, right from home.

Lastly, there’s the Make Your Own Comic Books! This set has everything you need to draw and tell your own super stories. Use stamps, stickers, and stencils to create your own KAPOW inside the hard or soft-cover comic books- follow the “How to Draw” guide to ZAP your stories to life!

Miraculous Fashion Designer Sketchbook, Color Changing Water Bottle & More

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Each set allows kids to get creative. Great way to keep busy and it’s all inspired by Miraculous Ladybug which fans will love.

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