Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon Figure Review

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Editor's Review

The Ultimate Ender Dragon comes with the titular Ender Dragon, an armored Steve Figure with bow and arrow, and a pumpkin helmet. The Ender Dragon requires very minor assembly out of the box, and is BIG! It has nearly a 2 foot wingspan, and just the right amount of heft, not too light, not too heavy. The wings have springy joints so you can make the dragon flap by moving them up and down. The tail is articulated at 3 points, the limbs can rotate back to simulate a flying pose, and the neck can rotate 45 degrees left or right. To take advantage of the remaining features, you’ll need 3 AAA batteries, which are not included. Before you do anything else, fill up the water reservoir in the head with a little bit of water, and close it up tight. Now, flip the switch, and you can use the electronic features. Press the rear back spike for some familiar sound effects from the Ender Dragon fight. Press the middle spike for a roar, and light up features, and press the front spike to shoot a breath attack! Hit Steve and he will take damage via a color changing feature. This will wear off after 10 -15 minutes. Equip the bow by slotting it in Steve’s hand. Don your mighty pumpkin helmet, and now you’re ready to reenact a fierce battle. Which Minecraft biome is your favorite?

Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon Figure

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Yes, it’s fun! This toy is a perfect replica of the infamous Ender Dragon, and the electronic features ensure immersion and plenty of entertainment. The included Steve figure ensures that you can replicate battles galore!

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