Maxx Action 2-N-1 Mega Mover Review

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Editor's Review

The Maxx Action 2-in-1 Mega Mover consists of two main components, the flatbed tow truck, and the bulldozer. Both have all the batteries they need included, which is a great plus. The Trucks are made from a sturdy plastic, with stickers filling in any details that the molded plastic color doesn’t cover. The treads on the Bulldozer and the tires on the tow truck are a rubbery material with good friction on hard surface. The tow truck’s wheels roll very smoothly, and it can rotate at the flatbed connection point. Press the power button for engine noises and lights, and the horn button for, you guessed it, a horn! The ramp can be folded down and the bulldozer can be removed to play on its own. Flip the switch on the bottom to get started. Press the forward or back arrows to turn the lights on and have the bulldozer move about three feet in either direction. While backing up, you’ll hear the familiar warning noise. The blue lever controls the front blade, and the red controls the back shovel. The pistons are a really cool little detail! The bulldozer does not roll manually, which is a true to life detail of real bulldozers we suppose! Putting it back on the flatbed can be tricky, the connection points are very precise.

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Should I get it?

This is a neat toy for young ones. Big, flashy, sturdy and noisy, this is sure to be a hit with little would-be construction workers.


  • The plastic is sturdy but has a little give for rough play.
  • The molded detail is nice.
  • The lights and sounds work well.
  • Batteries are included. 


  • The inability for the bulldozer to be rolled by pushing.
  • The connection point being tricky to place perfectly.

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