LOL Surprise! Mini Family Collection Dolls Series 1 Review

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Unbox fan-favorite OMG characters, their Lil Sis, and the family pet now in miniature size! Each mini is an exact replica of the 10″  fashion doll; the 3″ collectible doll, and the family pet, including their fierce signature looks. Will you find the sweet and bubbly Candylicious and the Bon Bon Fam or discover the iridescent Kitty K and her crew? The ball also transforms into a multi-room playset unique to each family. Plus, you can reunite each ultra-rare B.F.F. pair when you find their big sis in the LOL Surprise! Mini Collection.

LOL Surprise! Mini Family Collection Dolls Series 1

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There are different ones to collect. There’s a lot of articulation for fun posing and you can swap the accessories and outfits.

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