Little Knitty Bittys Craft Kit Review

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Editor's Review

It’s easy to knit with Knitty Bittys and make adorable outfits for your Rabbit! The round knitting loom is the perfect size to make mini projects for your Bittys to wear, share, and trade. The illustrated guide gives step-by-step instructions for making each item, and includes variations and customization ideas for them as well!

Little Knitty Bittys Craft Kit

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This is great for kids ages 7 and up!


  • It’s a fun arts and crafts project
  • Great for small kids to get into arts and crafts
  • The bear is adorable and sturdy
  • You can get more yarn
  • Kids can get creative


  • Although this is a starters kit it can still be complicated for beginners

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