Lite-Brite Oval HD Review

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Editor's Review

The most fun & nostalgic way to create art with light is with Lite-Brite and this time it has an oval shaped screen and even has an animated mode! It contains 680 colorful pegs, has 6 standard oval templates, and 2 templates for animated mode. There are 3 modes in regular mode; color change in fade, color change in flash, and white light. Then there are two animated modes; slow and fast. Create beautiful art, make a room sign or just freestyle with new, round pegs designed to shine brighter than ever and templates with interesting designs like a spaceship! Once you’re done you can showcase your work with the included stand.

Lite-Brite Oval HD

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There’s now an animated mode with the newest release! Different modes are included and you can create the template or freestyle it!

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