LEGO Minecraft The Llama Village Review

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Editor's Review

The Llama Village is 1,252 pieces, and will take you about 2 hours to build. The process is split into many bite-sized chunks, so if you want to take breaks, it’s very easy to do so. Once done, you’ll be left with quite a lot! Obviously you have the main set piece, the Llama statue, but you also get a llama stable, garden, smithing area, a well, a merchant kiosk, and a patch of green with a tree. These smaller areas are situated on modular tiles, so they can be arranged any which way you want! You can even easily arrange some things on the llama’s back, just to mix things up. Using the same studs, pose any of your minifigs as well. Speaking of, minifigs included with this set are a very fashionable player character, 2 villagers, 2 pillagers, a mother and baby llama, as well as a pink sheep. The printed detail on all of these minifigs is crisp and perfectly captures the pixel aesthetic of Minecraft.

The giant Llama opens up to reveal a full interior living space, with beds, chairs, tables, a shelf, and more! You can also remove the top quite easily for better access. All the vines and cloth banners are on hinges, and last but not least, this llama statue can do what real llamas are known for, spit! Pull the tab on the back of its head to release the clear blue bricks upon any unsuspecting pillagers.

LEGO Minecraft The Llama Village

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Should I get it?

As far as LEGO Minecraft, or any LEGO sub-line playsets go, this is as good as they come! Definitely pick this up for a Minecraft fan you know.


  • The build is nice and simple.
  • You get tons of minifigs and set pieces, all of which can be rearranged easily.
  • The Llama statue doubles as a playset.
  • All the detailing is unmistakably Minecraft, with high accuracy to the source material.


  • None!

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