Jurassic World Toomies Preschool Toys Review

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Editor's Review

There are four in total here, which are all sold separately. Lets start with the Spin & Hatch Dino Eggs! It’s a spinning incubator that has 5 classic dinos and great features to encourage developmental play. Push to spin the eggs in the incubator and then see them pop out and hatch.

This one is called the Dino Rescue Ranger car! It’s a great push & go vehicle. Kids need to match the rescue gear shapes to the Brachiosaurs’ trailer which will be fun to watch them figure out which shape goes where. What’s also pretty neat is that the baby dino spins as the car is pushed along teaching cause and effect.

There’s the Jurassic World Chase & Roll Raptors featuring 3 exciting components, a baby raptor in a shell, a mommy raptor, and an iconically painted Jurassic Park vehicle. Each item can be played with on their own or all together. Connect the mommy raptor to the back of the vehicle and watch her tail swish from side to side as she follows along while you push the car with the baby raptor inside.

Lastly, there’s the Pic & Push T. Rex. Holding on to the easy grip handle. Toddlers will be delighted as they roll over the colorful rocks to collect them all inside the Gyrosphere ball. The T. Rex detaches, and the Gyrosphere can be used on its own for fun floor play.

Jurassic World Toomies Preschool Toys

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Perfect for developing logic. Helps with fine motor skills and they encourage developmental play & movement.

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