Hyper Pong 4 Way Table Tennis Table Review

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Editor's Review

The HyperPong 4 Way Tennis Table set comes in two folded up sections, which are fairly lightweight and have handles for easy transport. The set also includes four paddles, two ping pong balls, a 4 way net, and a handy mesh bag to carry it all. Set up is fairly quick and intuitive, involving unfolding the table legs and flipping the tables over. Push the two table halves together, fold up the net poles, install the four way net (making sure to face it right side up,) and you’re done! There’s nothing really holding the two halves together beyond the net, so sometimes there can be some slight shifting if you’re not careful. The default table height is a tad low, but there are adjustable stops on the bottom of each table leg. They take a while to unscrew, so maybe do so before flipping the table halves over. In general, doubling ping pong player participation makes for frantic and exciting gameplay. We didn’t have any olympic level ping pong players on hand, but from our tests, the new orientation works quite well! Clean up, thankfully, is just as easy as set up.

Eastpoint 4 way pong 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

If you’re looking for a new addition to a rec room, or are otherwise a big ping pong fan, with friends who share your passion, this is definitely worth picking up.


  • It’s easy to set up.
  • It has adjustable legs for hight variation.
  • It includes 4 paddles.
  • It’s lightweight during transport.
  • It has a convenient mesh carrying bag for all of the small items.


  • Adjusting the height stoppers can be slow and tedious.
  • A lack of locking mechanisms between the two table halves.

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