Hot Wheels Skate Tony Hawk Fingerboard Line Review

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Editor's Review

The heart and “soles” of this toy line are found in the mini skateboards and shoes. Each deck is beautifully emblazoned with killer art, and is highly resistant to paint chipping. There’s even grip tape on top! Remove the bottoms of the shoes and slide them onto the board, regular or goofy style. Place your fingers in the shoes and get skating! The shoes really help with stability, almost like training wheels for finger skating, but much more fashionable! It’s much easier to keep the board in your control at all times with this feature. Plus, you can go barefoot (barefinger?) if you want and ramp up the challenge.

Let’s get into some tricks! All the playsets require some minor assembly, and include an exclusive skateboard and pair of kicks. The Aquarium Skatepark is all about verticality. Tall walls are draped by quarter pipes and crowned with rails up top. The whimsy of this toy line comes through in the cracked aquarium glass, purple tentacle and monster fish that you can manifest by stalling on this rail. Donut Skatepark is ramp central, setting you up for wall rides, a tricky diagonal path, and donut stalls. You can even knock down this wall and open it up to even more jumps! Amusement Park Skate Set is the biggest of the three, and goes all in on halfpipe action. But of course there’s also rail grinding and tent jumping to mix it up. Install 3 AAA batteries and you can get sounds whenever you skate over this pressure plate. Every playset includes a sheet of stickers so you can further customize your park. Last but not least, every park comes with a way to store and display your board so you don’t lose it! While these sets are awesome, one small note, to get the most realistic picture of the product, check out the back of the box. The front is a more stylized illustration.

Hot Wheels Skate Tony Hawk Fingerboard Line

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Should I get it?

This line of skateboarding toys is vibrant, creative, and has the licensed look of Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse brand. It’s well worth it!


  • The toy skateboards are high quality.
  • The shoes add a fun new way to play and practice.
  • You get sticker sheets with the skatepark playsets.
  • Each playset focusses on a different skating obstacle.


  • Lack of included batteries on the Amusement Park.

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