Go Natural! Deluxe Lip Balm Lab Review

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Editor's Review

The Go Natural! Deluxe Lip Balm Lab lets you pamper yourself at home with lip balm you make yourself. It comes with the tools and some of the ingredients you need to make a variety of different types of lip balms.

The kit includes a lab station, 1.23 ounces of all-natural beeswax pastilles, 0.07 ounces of cotton candy flavor, 0.07 ounces of color powder, three sphere pods, three double-sided Go Pods, a mix-and-melt silicone mold, stir sticks, and a measure-and-cut spoon. For the basic recipe, you’ll need to provide oil (mineral or vegetable).

There are three basic lip balm recipes to create a single color in a sphere, a two-toned balm in a sphere, and a half sphere in a Go Pod. Once you’ve mastered these, try some of the other recipes in the instruction booklet to make chocolate- or pumpkin spice-flavored lip balm, or even create polka dot or striped lip balm. You’ll need to provide other ingredients from home for these recipes.

Throughout the instruction booklet, kids will find fun facts that explain the science behind what they’re creating, as well as some experiment ideas.

Go Natural! Deluxe Lip Balm Lab

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Kids who like using lip balm will have fun making their own and getting creative with adding flavors and colors. It’s pretty easy to do, and mixing it up doesn’t take long, though you do have to wait 25 minutes for the lip balm to harden before you can use it. This is a hands-on way to introduce science concepts, show how science applies to the real world, and make science fun.

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