Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse, Gabby Girl Doll, & Figure Sets Review

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This 8-inch Gabby doll features realistic details from head to toe. Gabby Girl wears her classic outfit from the show, including sneakers, jeans with a kitty patch, a fabric top, and her signature cat ears headband! Her cat ears headband is removable, and she even has soft and curly hair that you can style. With her true-to-show look, this kids doll is the perfect companion to play out your own exciting storylines at home. Pose Gabby’s arms and legs and use your imagination to re-create your favorite scenes from the show.

There are also Friendship packs! There are 3 included! For instance, this one is called Cakey Cat- this themed set includes an exclusive Cakey Cat collectible figure, an exclusive mystery figure hidden in the packaging, plus a Dollhouse Delivery with a surprise accessory inside. Peel the compartment on the back of the packaging to reveal the set’s hidden MerCat figure! There’s also Friendship Pack with Kitty Fairy and, of course, Gabby herself!

You can even paint a masterpiece with the Gabby’s Dollhouse Art Studio Set! This fun toy set includes a 3.8-inch Gabby Girl collectible figure, Baby Box Cat figure, an art cabinet furniture piece, paint palette accessory, plus a Dollhouse Delivery box with a surprise accessory inside! Just like Gabby does in the show, unbox your special Dollhouse Delivery and discover the set’s mystery accessory.

Now, if you want to go all out with collecting figures you can get the Deluxe Figure Set! comes with seven collectible figures and a Dollhouse Delivery with a surprise accessory inside. Instantly add a 3.5-inch Gabby, plus Gabby Cats Pandy Paws, MerCat, Cakey Cat, Kitty Fairy, CatRat, and Baby Box Cat.

Finally, the best for last is, Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse! Bring the magic of DreamWorks Gabby’s Dollhouse to life with Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse! At over 2 feet tall, it looks just like the dollhouse from the Netflix original series. It includes Gabby and Pandy Paws figures, 8 pieces of furniture, 3 accessories, and 2 Dollhouse Deliveries! Drop a delivery in the tower and discover a surprise accessory inside! Ride up and down in the working Cat-A-Vator and explore 4 floors and 7 different rooms! Relax on the music room’s couch, flip the kitchen tabletop to eat breakfast or dinner, play on the slide and so much more. Help Gabby wash her hands at the bathroom sink and discover a colorful surprise in the toilet! Plus, you can press the button on the front of the dollhouse to activate songs, sounds, and phrases from the show.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse, Gabby Girl Doll, & Figure Sets

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The Gabby doll features super soft and curly hair that’s so much fun to style. You can re-create your favorite scenes from the show and she’s small enough to carry around.

The Friendship Packs have a QR code inside the Dollhouse Delivery to unlock a special reward in the free Gabby’s Dollhouse App! It comes with a Dollhouse Delivery, just like in the show and you can use the set’s packaging as a play piece.

The Gabby’s Dollhouse Art Studio Set also has a QR code inside which unlocks a special reward in the free Gabby’s Dollhouse App. There’s a fun action feature and this set can also be added to other sets.

The Deluxe Figure set is great because you get all the figures in one package. It’ll be fun to add them to other sets and they inspire imaginative play.

The Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse comes with tons of sounds and phrases. You get surprise accessories and you can add other rooms which are sold separately.

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