G.I. Joe Classified Series Storm Shadow and Cobra Viper Action Figures Review

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Editor's Review

The G.I. JOE Classified Series is comprised of six inch scale figures of characters from across the G.I. JOE story. Figures from this line are packed with molded detail, and generous paint applications, and these two are no exception. Cobra Viper is adorned with all manner of pouches, holsters, and body armor that make him look ready for anything. Storm Shadow is clad in white ninja garb, which is very finely textured and wrinkled. Thankfully Hasbro didn’t skip paint day just because Storm Shadow is mostly white. Dry brushing is included on the bandages, and detailed paint can be found on the shuriken, quiver, and face to really make the figure shine.

Both figures come with some accessories. Storm Shadow includes a bow, arrow, quiver and sheath, alternate hood, and belt tassels. Cobra Viper includes one long range blaster, one short range blaster, a pair of goggles, and a tactical backpack. The goggles are cool, but they don’t really stay on his helmet as shown in the box art. While Cobra Viper has the edge in molded detail, Storm Shadow takes the win in terms of poseability. If you’re familiar with these figure’s cousins, Marvel Legends, then all of that splendid articulation is present here. You’re limited only by your imagination with Storm Shadow. Cobra Viper’s articulation is hindered by his tactical vest, but you can still get some decent poses going.

G.I. Joe Classified Series Storm Shadow and Cobra Viper Action Figures

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The Classified Series Storm Shadow and Cobra Viper are each fun for reasons that both differ and overlap. Both have nice paint, but Cobra Viper wins in terms of molded detail. Storm Shadow takes the gold in articulation and accessories.

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