FurReal Poop-A-Lots Corgi and FurReal Walk-A-Lots Bernedoodle Review

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Editor's Review

Practice caring for a pet pup with two new interactive FurReal toys. The Poop-A-Lots Corgi is all about feeding a pet and cleaning up after it poops. Walk-A-Lots Bernedoodle is all about taking your pet for a walk. 

The tan-and-white Corgi is super cute and interactive. Feed the pup its treats, and then take the Corgi for a walk. The included leash clicks onto the dog’s collar, and kids give the dog a gentle push to make it “walk”. As the Corgi walks with its bouncy movement, the treats come out of its butt as “poop”. Use the poop scoop to collect and store the treats.

The black, white, and tan Bernedoodle also wants to go for a walk. Click the included leash onto the puppy’s collar and give it a gentle push motion to make it “walk”. The dog bounces and wobbles its head to mimic the motion of a real puppy. It also makes realistic dog noises while it moves. Three button cell batteries are included for that feature. You’ll hear barks, howls, panting, and maybe even a fart. 

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Toys like these are perfect for young dog lovers who aren’t quite ready for the responsibility of caring for a real pet or who can’t have a dog due to allergies or small living spaces. There’s enough realism with the movements, pooping, and sound effects to make kids feel like they’re taking care of a real pet. (At least the poop mess isn’t actually messy, right?) Both of these toy dogs will inspire a lot of imaginative play.


Inspire imaginative play
Realistic features
Cute and interactive toys



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