Furby Galaxy Edition Glow in the Dark Review

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Editor's Review

A new Furby has furrived! Furby Galaxy Edition is a glow-in-the-dark Furby with big ears, soft and colorful fur, and an un-fur-gettable personality. 

A lot of the features of this are the same as the 2023 Furby. There are five unique voice commands that Furby will respond to. Press the heart gem, say, “Hey Furby!”, and then say one of the five commands. Dance Party unlocks music and dance moves. Furby’s ears will change colors in Light Show. In Copycat, Furby repeats what you say in six different voices. You can ask Furby questions and hear funny fortunes in Tell My Fortune. And in Let’s Chill, Furby will guide you through breathing exercises. Furby will also respond to tummy tickles and being shaken. The more you play with Furby, the more you’ll discover. Check the Furbish dictionary in the instruction guide to translate what your Furby is saying.

This new Furby will also interact with the 2023 Furby and the new Furblets, sold separately. 

Along with the interactive fun, the toy includes string, a pizza charm, 12 clip beads, and a comb. Feed Furby the pizza charm or your finger when it’s hungry. Dress up your Furby with the beads – they go on either Furby’s fur or on the necklace. Or use them in your hair! And if you keep the box that your Furby came in, you’ll have a bedroom backdrop to inspire even more play.

What makes this new Furby different is the glow-in-the-dark feature. You’ve got to keep it under bright light for a few minutes before turning off the lights to get the best glow. Unfortunately, ours didn’t glow very well. The light-up ears look cool in the dark, but last year’s Furby did that, too. The glow areas on this new Furby never showed up well.

There are two ways to turn off your Furby. Lay it down so it sleeps or press the heart gem three times. Four AA batteries are required but not included. This toy does not connect to the internet.

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Should I get it?

If you have a Furby, then you’ll already know how to play with this one. Yes, most of the features are the same as the 2023 version, but this one glows in the dark, so there’s some collectibility there. But if you don’t already have a Furby, then this one would be a cool one to start with. We like that it combines nurturing pet play with interactive and imaginative play. It’s got five modes of play, it interacts with other Furbies, and it’s just really fun and cute! We do wish it glowed in the dark better, though.


5 voice commands/play modes
Glows in the dark
Interacts with other Furbies
Inspires imaginative play


Batteries not included
Didn’t glow in the dark well

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