Flipeez Plush and Slippers Review

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Editor's Review

You’ll flip over the super cute plush characters and slippers in the Flipeez toy line. Why are they called Flipeez? With the plush, when you squeeze their feet, their ears or arms flip up, depending on the character. There are four characters to collect: a puppy, a dragon, a fox, and a panda.  And when it comes to the slippers, every step you take causes the plush character’s ears or arms to flip up. The slippers are available in unicorn, dragon, panda, and puppy. They come in two sizes: small fits kids sizes 10-13 and medium fits youth sizes 1-3.5. Both plush and slippers are made from super soft materials, and the slippers have a non-slip sole. 

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These plush characters are definitely cute and soft. Kids will like revealing each character’s facial expression with every squeeze or step. Make both ears flip up or do one at a time. You control the flipping action.


Different characters to collect
Squeeze or step causes the flip-up action
Fun to reveal the facial expressions underneath
Slippers keep your feet warm
Plush will inspire imaginative play



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