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Editor's Review

If you love creating fashion outfits with Fashion Plates, then you’ll love creating makeup looks with Fashion Faces. This works just like Fashion Plates, only you’re designing faces and hair and makeup looks. Mix and match the hair and face plates to create up to 64 different looks. Place a piece of paper on top of the plates (the paper comes in different skin tone colors) and use the rubbing crayon to rub a black outline of your design. The faces and hair don’t always line up right. Use the pencil crayons, stencils, and stickers to complete the look.

The kit includes a tablet frame, four double-sided outer plates, four double-sided face plates, a crayon holder, two rubbing crayons, six coloring sticks, 20 paper sheets, three sticker sheets, a carrying tote, a stencil, and instructions.

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This toy is a great way to inspire creativity and support diversity, representing all the shades of girls who will want to play with this toy. The range of skin tones, facial features, and hairstyles makes it easy for kids to see themselves in the faces they create. It’s also really easy for kids to do, and they will love mixing and matching the plates to create something different each time.


Easy to create

Mix and match to create 64 different looks

Promotes creative play

Supports diversity


Faces and hair don’t always line up

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