DIY Butter Slime Rainbow Cake Surprise, Butter Waffle Maker, & Butter Crusher Sensory Set Review

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Editor's Review

The Compound Kings Butter Slime is fun to stretch and squish, but now there are new ways to play with this smooth slime.

The DIY Butter Slime Rainbow Cake Surprise set comes with everything you need to make a slime cake. You’ll even find a surprise charm inside. Using the cake mold, you can make a five-layer rainbow cake – one layer for each color of Smooshable Scented Butter slime that’s included. There’s a piping bag full of white slime frosting to add some finishing touches, and for the cake’s grand finale, mix the icing powder with water to make a glittery and drizzly slime icing. Then spray your cake creation with the Instant Freeze Spray to harden it and save it forever!

You can also turn Butter Slime into waffles with the Butter Waffle Maker. This comes with four Smooshable Scented Butter slimes and three different waffle molds to place inside the waffle maker. Squish Butter Slime into the mold, roll it out with the rolling pin, and then close the waffle maker for three minutes to set the design. Then remove the waffle, place it on the plate, and decorate it with sprinkles and white slime frosting. You can even use molds on top of the waffle maker to make fruit and other sweet toppings. Create a short stack or a tall stack, and spray on the Instant Freeze Spray so that you’ll always have your slime waffle creation.

And with the Butter Crusher Sensory Set, kids can have all sorts of sensory fun with the five bright and smooth butter compounds. There are two Unicutie molds for making cute unicorn characters that can then be squished on the set’s Butter Crusher unit. You can also insert one of three discs into the Butter Crusher to crush slime out in different shapes. Two glitter packs are also included so that kids can turn the butter compound into glitter butter slime.

DIY Butter Slime Rainbow Cake Surprise, Butter Waffle Maker, & Butter Crusher Sensory Set

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We really do love the feel of the smooth Butter Slime. It’s fun to play with on its own, but when you add the tools from one of these sets, you’re adding in more creative and tactile play. Kids will love that they can save their slime creations or squish it all up and start again.

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