Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Waggin’ Wagon Plush Review

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Editor's Review

This set features a gorgeous 15-inch Minnie Mouse plush doll dolled up in a bright rainbow colored dress with paw-print polka dots that walks and pulls a 4-inch Cream Puff plushie in a cute purple doggie wagon. When Minnie is attached to the wagon, tap the heart on her chest to activate walking, talking, singing, and Cream Puff sounds. Minnie sings the “Busy Puppy” song from the show, and says 22 fun phrases! Cream Puff makes puppy noises when she’s put into or taken out of the wagon- just make sure you press down on the button.

Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Waggin' Wagon Plush

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Minnie and Cream Puff can detach from each other. Both are super soft. There are 22 fun phrases and Minnie hums to the Busy Puppy song.

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