Disney Doorables Academy Crew Figure Pack and Multi Peek Series 10 Review

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Editor's Review

Go back to school with new Disney Doorables! Two new blind figure packs allow you to collect five, six, or seven new Doorables figures. 

The Academy Campus Crew Figure Pack comes in a composition notebook-inspired box. Once you open the book, you’ll discover figures across the Doorables Academy, from faculty and student clubs to athletics and the pep rally. Some of the figures are common, rare, and ultra rare. There are 45 total to collect in this series.

The Disney Doorables Multi Peek Series 10 has a Disney 100 theme to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary. There are 80 characters to collect in this series, including never-before-seen Doorables from The Emperor’s New Groove, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Robin Hood, Pocahontas, The Good Dinosaur, and more. Some of the figures are common, rare, ultra rare, special edition, and limited edition, such as the limited-edition Mickey Mouse Disney 100 figure, of which there are only 100. Some of the figures will be metallic, glittery, or flocked, but you won’t know who you get until you open the doors. 

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Unboxing Doorables is always so fun, and kids will enjoy adding even more of these tiny and super cute characters to their Doorables collections. We like the surprise of finding out how many characters you got and which ones. Both series have a wide variety of characters to collect, and even adult fans might want to collect these, especially the Disney 100-themed figures. 


Fun unboxing
Mystery of how many & who
All-new Doorables to collect
Imaginative play



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