Crazy Aaron’s Angry Putty Review

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Editor's Review

If you need to release some tension, let Crazy Aaron’s Angry Putty absorb your tension for a unique putty experience. Available in three varieties, the more you play with the putty, the more resistance you’ll feel from it. With every stretch of Angry Putty, it gets harder and harder to pull. The back of the box includes an Angry Putty Challenge – see how many stretches you can do in 15 seconds. Hot Head is a glittery red putty, Drama Queen is a glittery purple putty, and Stress Ball is a glittery blue putty. Each one comes in its own metal storage container.

Crazy Aaron’s Angry Putty

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You get great tactile play from this putty, and the colors are really pretty. If you want your fidget toy to challenge you, then this tension-absorbing putty is for you. We can see people posting their takes on the Angry Putty challenge on social media. Did we feel calmer after playing with it? Well, maybe a little bit.

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