CoComelon Veggie Fun Learning Basket and Lots To Learn Game Controller Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready to play and learn alongside JJ from CoComelon! Two new CoComelon toys incorporate favorite songs with learning fun.

Gamer parents will love giving their toddlers the Lots to Learn Game Controller. It looks like a video game controller, but when you switch it on, you’ll hear JJ’s voice and see JJ light up. Press the number buttons to hear about numbers, shapes, colors, and part of the “Finger Family” song. Press the directional buttons to hear up, down, left, right, and more of the “Finger Family” song. There’s also a clicking toggle button on top, as well as a bumpy pretend button. The toy comes with three button cell batteries.

There’s more for toddlers to learn with the Veggie Fun Learning Basket. This comes with eight pretend food items. In Counting Mode, place a food on the conveyor belt to hear JJ announce the food’s name and count how many there are. In Color Mode, JJ announces the color of each food. And in Food Fun Facts Mode, JJ tells kids fun facts about the fruits and vegetables. In any mode, kids can press the scanner button for more phrases and sounds. Kids can also drop the food into the basket to hear JJ count. And when kids press the music note button, they’ll hear a snippet of “Yes Yes Vegetables”. The basket has a handle so that kids can carry around their groceries. Two AA batteries are included.

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With more than 25 songs, sounds, and phrases, there’s a lot of learning with the Lots to Learn Game Controller. Pressing the buttons helps little ones with fine motor skills, and the lights and sounds keep kids engaged. Toddlers will like having their very own game controller just like mom and dad. (Although, they’ll probably still want to play with mom and dad’s controllers.)

The Veggie Fun Learning Basket is another great way to help little ones with fine motor skills. This encourages roleplay, as kids pretend to go grocery shopping just like they’ve seen their parents do. It also introduces kids to core learning skills through its three modes of play.


Pros (game controller)

More than 25 songs, sounds, and phrases

Looks like a real video game controller

Lights and sounds keep little ones engaged

Pros (learning basket)

3 modes of play

Comes with 8 pretend food pieces

Encourages roleplay



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