CoComelon Melon Patch Academy Building Blocks Review

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Editor's Review

Kids can build their own fun adventures with JJ with the 53 pieces in the CoComelon Melon Patch Academy Building Block Set. Everything comes packaged inside a clear plastic tub that has a lid that doubles as a building surface. Along with colorful blocks, there are also accessory pieces, such as a see-saw and a bird’s nest, plus character block figures of JJ, Ms. Appleberry, a bear, and the CoComelon TV face logo. This doesn’t include specific building instructions because the play is all about toddlers exploring with the big, chunky blocks and building however they want.

CoComelon Melon Patch Academy Building Blocks

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This toy is a nice way to inspire imaginative play and help toddlers and preschoolers with fine motor skills. CoComelon fans will like seeing familiar characters in this set, but it’s also a fun construction set for any young child. The size of the blocks also makes it easier for small hands to hold, giving younger kids a more satisfying building experience.

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