CarryOn Airflow DLX Carrier Review

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Editor's Review

The CarryOn Airflow Carrier has a long body and a wide seat support, ideal for toddlers and big kids. It features breathable mesh material, padded shoulder straps, lumbar support, and a padded waistband to ensure both the kid and caregiver are comfortable.

It has two pockets to keep small items handy and safe. The privacy hood is large and removable.

To use the front inward facing carry just buckle the waistband with the carrier in front of you. Then place the child, put over the shoulder straps, buckle the back buckle, and just the straps for a secure fit. To use the carrier on the back carry position buckle the waistband with the carrier on your hip, place the kid, and pull the carrier on his back. Carefully grab one shoulder strap and put it over your arm and then slowly slide the carrier to the back while putting the other shoulder strap on. Lastly, buckle the buckle on your chest and adjust the straps. To use the carrier in the last position, the hip position, put the carrier on your waist with the shoulder straps unbuckled. Then connect the left strap to the right side of the panel. Place strap diagonally across your body, and put the child in. Adjust the shoulder strap and pull the loose shoulder strap around the back to the front of the body, buckling and tightening it.

CarryOn Airflow DLX Carrier

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The carrier can be used in 3 different positions: Front inward carry, hip carry, and back carry. It is versatile it is, ensuring that whatever position you prefer, you got it. The carrier is recommended for babies 25 to 60 lbs. It is machine washable and available in various colors, sold separately. This is the Mystic Quartz Dlx which is a beautiful and fun rainbow print.


  • Multiple ways of use
  • Ideal for big kids
  • Padded straps, waistband, and lumbar support


  • None!

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