Bratz Girls Nite Out! Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

The Bratz girls are celebrating their 21st birthday with a night out. Join Sasha, Dana, Yasmin, and Cloe in the Bratz Girls Nite Out! doll collection. All of the dolls, sold separately, feature real eyelashes and body glitter. Each doll comes with two outfits – one for the semi-formal party and one for the after party – and more than 16 accessories. 

Sasha wears a red halter dress but can change into a denim jumpsuit. The maroon leather jacket can be worn with either outfit. Dana wears a black spaghetti strap dress with glittery butterflies. Her second look is a strappy butterfly top worn underneath a glittery denim jacket with jeans. Yasmin wears a purple strapless dress with glittery black flower, and she changes into a blue top with furry denim jacket and jeans. And Cloe’s first look is a simple blue dress. Her second look is a strapless camo top with jeans and a black jacket.

Accessories include hairbrushes, pretend makeup tools, hair clips, earrings, purses, and sunglasses.

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With their 21st birthday theme, these dolls will have a nostalgic quality for those who remember playing with Bratz 21 years ago. While these will be fun for older doll fans to collect, there will be a lot of play for younger fans, too. We like that each doll has two outfits for fun fashion play, as well as so many accessories that jumpstart the creative play.


2 outfits

More than 16 accessories

Imaginative play



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