Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt Review

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Editor's Review

It’s a race to unlock the treasure when you play Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt! In this color-matching game, players compete to collect their dice and unlock the treasure chest first. You’ll need two to four players ages 4 and up. Of course, you’ve got to choose a pirate name before you play. Use the two word columns in the instructions for inspiration. 

All 20 of the gold coins get locked inside the treasure chest, while the colorful dice get placed in the center of the playing space. Each player also gets one of the eight dice cards face down. Then, each player flips over his card at the same time to reveal the order of dice they need to collect. To do this, players take their clear key tubes and place it over a die to collect it. To make the game easier, you can pay attention only to the dice colors. Or you can collect the dice in order of both the color and the symbol. If you accidentally pick up a wrong color or symbol, flip the key over to dump out all the dice and start over. The first to fill their key correctly places it into the treasure chest lock to reveal the gold coins. That player gets to keep one of the coins, and you start a new round. Beware because if you incorrectly fill your key and you still open the treasure chest, you have to give back a gold coin. The first player to collect three gold coins wins the game.

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This is a cute and fast-paced game that will be perfect for a family game night. We like that it has two difficulty levels – colors only or colors and symbols. We also like the pirate-themed toppers on the clear keys: shark, skull and crossbones, pirate hats. The game pieces would also be really fun for roleplay. 


Fast paced
Fun for the whole family
2 difficulty levels
Pirate-themed game pieces



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