Art Squad Lady T and Andi! Review

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Editor's Review

Art Squad is a line of dolls that merges fashion play with crafts. Each of the four dolls in the line includes a DIY craft for kids and the doll. The lineup includes Lady T and a craft of stencil art, Andi and a craft of bead art, NeNe and a craft of etching art, and Vannah and a craft of paint art. Each 10-inch doll comes with the tools kids need to complete the craft, plus fun fashions for the dolls and a picture frame that kids can color with included markers. There are also eyeshadow stickers to give your doll a different makeup look. Read about each doll’s personality on the back of the box. Everything has a really cool art vibe, from the markers that look like paintbrushes to the paint palette doll stands. Each doll is sold separately.

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These dolls have bright and colorful styles, and kids will like adding to the fashion fun by coloring in some of the accessories and creating the crafts. The crafts work really well, although some turn out better than others. These dolls will inspire imaginative play while also letting kids express themselves creatively.


Bright and colorful styles

Each doll comes with a craft

4 dolls to collect

Crafts work pretty well

Creative and imaginative play



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