Glove-A-Bubbles Review (Zing)

What It Is

Get an afternoon (or more) of fun for less than three bucks with this new take on a classic play pattern! Glove-A-Bubbles are for kids ages 3 and up, and it's  hilarious bubble play kids everywhere will want to get their hands on. Or, rather...on their hands. 

The design is simple. And the packaging is the product. Pop off the cardboard header, zip open the bottom of the glove and remove the bubble bag. Zip that open, too, and take out the solution bags. Make sure you open the bubble bag completely so the gusset is extended and the bag will stand up when you sit it on a surface. Snip the bubble solution bags open and pour into the bubble bag. Slide the glove on your hand. Dip it in the solution and wave. You'll see tons of bubbles. And then, of course, re-dip and wave again. It's super fun and really easy for even the youngest kids to do. (Plus, it eliminates some of the frustration of trying to make bubble toys work from little ones. You really can't go wrong with this.)

There are lots of different characters to collect, and they're priced so you can buy a bunch of them. Kids will want one on each hand!

This is a bubble toy, so it may be somewhat messy. You'll want to play with these outdoors!

Is It Fun?
With cute characters, ease of use and huge quantities of bubbles, this is fun for kids of all ages. Plus, as noted, dipping and waving is a lot easier for little kids than some traditional bubble toys. Plus, it looks silly, and kids love that!
Who It’s For
Glove-A-Bubbles is age-graded for kids ages 3 years and up. They'll all find them easy to use, and don't be surprised if older kids want a turn as well. Grown-ups, too! There's something so classic and appealing about these that they are an invitation to running around and silly play. 
What To Be Aware Of
Be careful when you pull the cardboard header off. It's held in place with two small plastic snaps. They tend to fly off.

You may want to use scissors to open the bottom of the glove. That will give you a neater edge and doesn't risk tearing into the glove.

When you put these on your hand, be sure to slide them all the way on. You'll see places where fingers can fit in. This holds the bubble panel a little more rigid and makes it easier to get more bubbles out of the glove. If the bubble panel flops around, it tends to drip a lot more fluid and not create as many bubbles. 

The bubble solution bag once filled can be sealed with a zipper closure if you have solution left over after play.

While it's easy for kids to dip the gloves in the bag, if you're going to be playing in one place, it might be easier for kids if you pour the bubble solution onto a platter, into a pie plate or some other large, shallow vessel so kids can simply dip the glove in that.

Unlike some other bubble toys we've played with, even when the solution itself gets pretty sudsy from all the dipping, it still works really well. 

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