10 Fall-Fueled Baby Gadgets Dads Need for 2016

Put away your summer gear because fall is in the air. The leaves are turning, apple pies are baking, and long strolls with baby through freshly falling leaves await.

When you are newly minted parents, a lot of the focus and attention goes to the mother. But the first lesson of the birds and the bees is that it takes two to tango. Right? So this guide is for the dads. We’ve rounded up some pretty snazzy gadgets and baby gear for dads to enjoy this fall season. So you go ahead dad, take your baby to the pumpkin patch, apple picking, hayrides and even Oktoberfest because this gear will certainly keep up with your active fall lifestyle. Grab your flannel and let’s go!

Diaper-Vest-Wearable-Diaper-Bag1. Fall is the perfect season for a hike, but who’s got time for a bag when you can stash everything in your pockets? (Dad logic.) Well the Dapper Dans over at dadgear.com have thought this through and the result is the Diaper Vest Wearable Diaper Bag. This is a soft fleece vest for the chill fall climate with lots of pockets made specifically for holding diapers, wipes, and even bottles.

2. Fall is filled with great scents: the fresh scent of pine, the crisp autumn air, apples baking in their flaky crusts, and then there’s baby’s poopy diaper. Your sense of smell can avoid the nose dive by keeping that diaper pail air tight. The Ubbi Diaper Pail is as tough as they come featuring an all-steel frame, air-tight close, and sleek, discreet look to stay unnoticed. Diaper changes are no joke, and this diaper pail is one tool dads need does not mess around. Plus, it’s got a sleek, contemporary and masculine look dads especially will appreciate.


3. While brewfests now run year-round, Oktoberfest still rules them all. For a hands-free experience for both you and your baby, how about the Ergo 360 baby carrier. This baby carrier is for the active lifestyle with special breathable fabric and extra padded areas for baby and dad’s comfort. But most of all, it offers a hands-free experience, so grab your beer stein, pour your favorite craft beer, and head to the nearest 2016 Oktoberfest.glow-baby-app

4. What does the color of that baby poo mean? When was baby last fed? How long was that nap? Sometimes the days blend together and daddy brain sets in. But don’t worry—there’s an app for that! Track your baby’s every move with the Glow Baby App. Dads who like data will find this especially, ahem, productive. All the details of your baby’s day shared by the soft glow of you smart phone.cloudQ_cybex

5. Remember those days of cruising with the top down, music blaring, and not a care in the world? Chances are you traded in your convertible for a more baby-friendly ride, and if there is any music on at all it’s to lull baby to sleep. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t cruise in style, or at least make sure your baby does as you scout the fall foliage. Check out the convertible of car seats. The Cybex CloudQ is your go-to, rear-facing infant car seat. It boasts top-notch safety features and offers a full recline when baby is taken out of the car so no more disturbing baby as you transition to bed. This is especially great for dads because who else usually ends up carrying the seat when it’s time for a break on the road trip?


6. Here’s the dilemma: It’s Sunday night football and baby is not sleeping. Relax, dads. 4moms’ mamaRoo has you covered. The mamaRoo offers an app and is Bluetooth-enabled so dads can operate this techy swing from any place in the home via their smart phone. The variety of swing styles include car ride, tree top, and kangaroo. And, because you want your child to appreciate good music, you can link up your own playlist for baby to relax to. If baby wants to join you for the game, simply move the mamaRoo over near the big screen, set the swing to kangaroo, and both jump for joy at the next touchdown. You can watch the game and handle bedtime like a boss.


7. One of our favorite things to do in the fall is getting lost in a corn maze. You need a stroller that can handle the bumps and turns and unexpected dead ends of a classic corn maze. The Bob Revolution Flex is ready for the adventure. This three-wheeled stroller handles like a dream and has shock absorbers to cushion the somewhat bumpy maze path. The BOB Revolution gets extra bonus points because it’s also a pretty awesome jogging stroller for keeping that heart rate pumping. The versatility will appeal to dads with an appreciation for performance vehicles…even if this is one you have to push.


8. Fall weekends call for road trips to visit the grandparents, and now you can keep a watchful eye on your baby while driving with the Zooby Car and Home Baby Monitor. This portable baby monitor doubles as both a car monitor and a classic baby monitor for use in the home. The Zooby attaches to the headrest of your back seat with a monitor on the dashboard that allows dads to keep an eye one on the road and one eye on baby at all times. It’s basically a tech back seat mirror. The monitors come hidden inside a stuffed animal making this a gentle way to monitor baby.b.boxbottle

9. So there you are at the top of the orchard, picking your apples, when baby gets hungry. But you’ve come prepared, dad and know how to handle these hunger cries like a pro. The Bottle and Dispenser  from B.Box makes feeding your baby on the go easy and mess free. Simply fill the bottom container with formula in advance. And when baby is ready for a feeding, fill up the water compartment, press the release button to dispense the formula, mix and feed. Now back to apple picking.


10. Fall is the best time to feed your wanderlust. So, pack your bags and head out, but not without the Dreamliner Travel Bassinet from Diono. This deep bassinet allows baby to roll around inside and enjoy the great outdoors with a sunshield and netted cover to keep baby safe from sun and bugs. The fold is compact and lightweight making this perfect for the avid traveler.

So what do you say, dads? The 2016 fall season and all it’s amazing activities await, and now you and your baby can enjoy it all together.

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