UBBI Diaper Pail Review (Pearhead Inc.)

What It Is

Any new parent will tell you that there is nothing sweet about a smelly and stinky diaper, and there is nothing especially sweet about a smelly and stinky diaper that's been sitting around forgotten for a couple days. This is where the UBBI Diaper Pail comes in. It's a new spin on a nursery must-have. Diaper pails are essential to any baby's nursery. With the frequency of dirty diapers, this is a must-have item. What makes the UBBI stand out from other diaper pails on the market is that it's a can made of steel. Other pails are made of plastic. Steel does not absorb any bacteria or odor, which is the selling point of this can. Steel is also very easy to clean. UBBI has lots of other features, too. While UBBI does sell bags that fit this container, the eco-friendly design of this diaper pail allows parents to recycle their plastic shopping bags or use any tall kitchen bag for loading up diapers. The lid is sealed with rubber to trap those funky odors. A top sliding door makes diaper deposits a cinch. A safety lock on the sliding panel prevents kids from getting into the pail. The UBBI is available in a variety of colors to fit your nursery's décor.

Why Is It Useful?

While the practicality of this diaper pail is great, we also appreciate the nod to design. The UBBI is sleek and can blend into a nursery without being an eyesore. Overall, this is a very practical, functional, and must-have product for your baby's nursery.

Who It’s For

The UBBI Diaper Pail is not age-graded because it is not a toy.

What To Be Aware Of

The UBBI Diaper Pail is available to purchase at ubbiworld.com and in specialty retailers.

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