zooby Car & Home Baby Monitor Review (Infanttech)

zooby Car & Home Baby Monitor
What It Is

Rethink the look of baby monitors with the zooby Car & Home Baby Monitor. It's a digital video monitor that can be used at home or in the car because the monitor's camera is embedded in a stuffed animal. There are four styles available: Emma the unicorn, Diego the dinosaur, Jordan the giraffe, and Zachary the zebra. Each is sold separately. The stuffed animals have the camera mounted in their nose, Velcro and safety buckle straps on their paws for easy mounting, and Internal Bendineck technology so that you can angle the camera for optimal viewing. These can be attached to car headrests for use with rear- and forward-facing car seats, as well as almost any location in the home and to your diaper bag straps to make it easy to bring your zooby with you when you travel.

Each zooby comes with a parent's monitor with a 4.3-inch LCD screen. Mount it in a car using the included suction cup mount. With the zooby attached to the headrest in front of your child, the monitor gets suction cupped to the windshield, like where you would put a GPS device, for easy viewing. Or attach the monitor to the included kickstand for use at home. The monitor is 100-percent wireless and has night vision. If you have two zooby animals, you can access a split screen on the monitor to keep two kids in view at once. A second zooby animal is sold separately. 

The zooby Car & Home Baby Monitor also comes with two USB car chargers, two AC adapters, and three-foot and seven-foot USB cables.

Why Is It Useful?
We like this monitor's portability, making it great for travel, but what's really cool is that it doubles as a backseat mirror in the car, allowing parents to safely see their baby without having to turn around or mess with their rearview mirrors. The video quality isn't the greatest, but it does the job. Just be aware that when using this in the car, if it's too bright outside, it will be a little difficult to see the image on the screen.
Who It’s For
The zooby Car & Home Baby Monitor is for parents to use with children from birth to 4 years.
What To Be Aware Of

The zooby runs on a rechargeable battery that takes six to eights hours to fully charge. The monitor takes four to six hours to charge its battery. The batteries can last anywhere from three to four hours, depending on usage. You'll probably want to keep the car adapters and cords in the car in case the batteries run out while you're on the road.

infanttech says that the zooby has been crash-tested.

If using this in the nursery, do not place the stuffed animal in the crib. Any cables must be at least three feet away from your baby.

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