Fall Party Recipe: Candy Corn Jumble

CCJPerfect for classroom parties, this is not just another candy recipe. It is an activity for the children, as they decorate their won cups before snacking on sugary goodness. You can replace any ingredients with whatever candy you have at hand that suits the purpose, or even get thematic candy, like licorice for halloween-themed party.

The cups can be decorated in any way, There are plenty of arts-and-crafts sets that will save time for those who don’t frequent art stores. Kids love writing their name and customizing their belongings, so capitalize on that. Afterall, activities are always more beneficial than just devouring the sweets at the end.

To Prepare For The Party,

Take the ingredients and a large bowl; mix on site. Before serving, let party-goers decorate their own paper cups with festive stickers and markers.

What You’ll Need:
1⁄2 (14 oz.) bag Market Pantry Popcorn Trio* (about 12 cups)
8 cups Market Pantry Pretzel Twists*
1 (4 lb.) bag of candy corn
2 (6 oz.) packages of Market Pantry Dried Cranberries*

1. Combine all ingredients in large bowl.

2. Scoop into paper cups to serve.

Makes 20 cups

*The Market Pantry Line can be found at your local Target store.

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