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None (301)
Crayola (131)
Play-Doh (99)
Alex Toys (81)
Klutz (60)
Peaceable Kingdom (37)
Creativity for Kids (36)
DohVinci (33)
Style Me Up! (26)
Alex Brands (26)
Cra-Z-Art (25)
Color Wonder (24)
Barbie (22)
RoseArt (20)
Connects (19)
Orbeez (17)
Dylan's Candy Bar (16)
Seedling (15)
MindWare (15)
Shopkins (15)
Inkoos (14)
Melissa & Doug (14)
Star Wars (13)
Doc McStuffins (13)
The Orb Factory (12)
Disney Frozen (12)
Nickelodeon (12)
My Little Pony (12)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (12)
Yummy Nummies (12)
Kiwi Crate (11)
Peel & Play (11)
PAW Patrol (11)
Fablossom (11)
AmiGami (11)
Wacky-tivities (10)
Artterro (10)
Oonies (10)
Horizon Group USA (10)
Sticky Mosaics (9)
Alex Jr. (9)
Gelarti (9)
Peppa Pig (9)
Charmazing (9)
Bunchems (9)
3Doodler (9)
Spirograph (8)
Pops Craft (8)
Ultimate Source (8)
Nickelodeon Slime (8)
Lil Lockitz (8)
Spin Master (8)
L.O.L. Surprise! (7)
Bob the Builder (7)
Campfire Kids (7)
Project Mc2 (7)
The Amazing Spider-Man (7)
Take N Play Anywhere (7)
Kinetic Sand (7)
My First Crayola (7)
Imaginetics (7)
Strand Bands (7)
Alex (7)
Hot Wheels (7)
Superfly Kids (7)
Wikki Stix (7)
Girl Scouts (6)
Darn Yarn (6)
Faber-Castell (6)
Disney Princess (6)
StikBot (6)
Text Cool (6)
Dora and Friends (6)
Joint Merchant (6)
Little Hands (6)
Glitzi Globes (6)
Finding Dory (6)
Disney (6)
Sweetlings (6)
Fashion Angels (6)
Sugar Lulu (6)
Ann Williams Group (6)
MasterChef Junior (5)
Doodle Deco (5)
Build-A-Bear (5)
Curiosity Kits (5)
Monster High (5)
The Moodsters (5)
Make Your Case (5)
Colorforms (5)
American Girl Crafts (5)
TRENDiY Art (5)
Scientific Explorer (5)
Curious Chef (5)
Vivitz (5)
Aquarellum (4)
Color Alive (4)
Num Noms (4)
Wackytivities (4)
Guy Gear (4)
Qixels (4)
Fashion Plates (4)
Fashion Marks (4)
Kinetic Foam (4)
CAT (4)
Doctor Dreadful (4)
PJ Masks (4)
Wooky Entertainment (4)
Chalk Me Up! (4)
Groovy Girls (4)
Highlights (4)
Squiggle (4)
Skyhorse Publishing (4)
Shrinky Dinks (4)
DuneCraft (4)
Doodle Magic (4)
Craft Scene (4)
Zuru (4)
Slinky (4)
Magic Fun Dough (4)
Glow Crazy (4)
Little Kids, Inc. (4)
Ivy Kids (4)
Build & Roll (4)
Eco-Kids (4)
Aquabeads (4)
Kid Made Modern (4)
Minions (4)
Sterling Innovation (4)
PlushCraft (4)
Andrews McMeel Publishing (3)
Color Blanks (3)
Handmade Charlotte Kids (3)
Publications International (3)
Avengers (3)
Shimmer and Shine (3)
Threadz (3)
LeapFrog (3)
SpongeBob SquarePants (3)
Craft Candy (3)
Shimmer 'n Sparkle (3)
LittleMissMatched (3)
Mix a Treat (3)
Boy Craft (3)
Lalaloopsy (3)
Pixel Pops (3)
Maxim Enterprise, Inc. (3)
Quercetti (3)
Silver Dolphin Books (3)
Block Crayon (3)
Hape (3)
Model Magic (3)
Discovery Kids (3)
Whombatz (3)
3D Magic (3)
SmartLab (3)
Jupiter Creations (3)
Color Splasherz (3)
Trolls (3)
Artzooka! (3)
Choose Friendship Company (3)
Silly Putty (3)
Kid Constructions (3)
PlayMonster (3)
Putty Peeps (3)
Madame Alexander (3)
Ant Farm (3)
Thomas & Friends (3)
eeBoo (3)
Imagine I Can (3)
Disney Imagicademy (3)
Build-A-Bear Workshop (3)
Project Runway (3)
Sparkly Sticker Pictures (3)
It's My Biz (3)
Cool Baker (3)
Lulu Jr. (3)
Stick 'n Style (3)
Blingles (3)
Despicable Me (3)
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Arts, Crafts & Activity Toy Reviews

showing 1 - 12 of 341

Does your kid like to draw or paint, how about design their own jewelry? If you have the artistic type, we can help you find the perfect arts and crafts toys to help keep them playing and engaged for a long time. Our toy reviews cover everything from how well a marker marks to how much play you can get before you need to replace a part.

If you're stuck between toys or just looking for something your kids can do on a rainy day, our video reviews will help you find the perfect arts and crafts toys that meet your child's individual style. Whether it's crafting or painting, building or coloring, we'll help you find the perfect present to keep them happy and engaged.

The Original Doodle Bear

The Original Doodle Bear

from TOMY $19.97

Chuckle & Roar Wooden Stamp Set

Chuckle & Roar Wooden Stamp Set

from Buffalo Games $19.99

Air Dough Collectibles! Eva

Air Dough Collectibles! Eva

from Scentco $9.99

Acrylic Paint Set

Acrylic Paint Set

from XinBowen $39.99

Paint Your Own Squishy Little Bunny

Paint Your Own Squishy Little Bunny

from Doodle Hog $10.99

Nee Doh Groovy Globs and Noodlies

Nee Doh Groovy Globs and Noodlies

from Schylling $10.99

STEAM Space Science Kit

STEAM Space Science Kit

from Crayola $19.99

How to Shop for Arts, Crafts & Activity Toys

Today's Kids often spend too much time on screens and parents are looking for off screen toy ideas that are creative and fun. Keep your kids engaged while building hand eye coordination and encouraging creativity with a plethora of arts and crafts for kids that are perfect for a party, a rainy day, or any child who enjoys being creative.

There are so many types of toys to choose from in the Arts & Crafts category. There's coloring, drawing, painting, stamping, crafty projects, plus a whole lot more that can keep kids entertained for hours.

Here are some things to consider when selecting these toys. As with all toys, it starts with your child's individual interests. If your child likes a guided project versus something open-ended, consider many of the various craft kits available. For open-ended creativity, there are many basic art supplies at a variety of price points—from basics to artist quality.

For multiple kids, play dates or birthday party ideas, there are many craft kits that include enough materials for several kids to play. These are lots of fun, and can be a great value.

Of course, one thing that comes with Arts & Crafts is some amount of mess. Setting up dedicated spaces for this kind of play can be great, or putting down protective coverings on the kitchen table. Fortunately, though, manufacturers are keenly aware of families' concerns about mess and take that into consideration when making project kits.

Finally, you'll want to consider levels of complexity. Will your child or kids need parental supervision or help in completing the craft? Are the instructions clear or confusing for a child?

TTPM Arts & Crafts category features toys from leading brands like Crayola, Cra-Z-Art, Alex Toys, Faber-Castell, Klutz and Rose Art. Crayola has been a long time leader in this category especially with their crayons and markers. Color Wonder has been a favorite of parents and kids for mess free coloring. Crayola has also had popular toys with Crayola Marker Maker and the Crayola Crayon Maker. When you think Crayola, its often tough to go wrong.

Alex Toys is a company that has a long-standing reputation of quality Arts & Craft toys. If you can think of a type of craft, Alex probably makes it as they manufacture over 1,000 different products in this category.

And then there are classics. Do you remember Shrinky Dinks? Shrinky Dinks is still popular today, and has lead to a multitude of off shots. There are now Craft Ovens that you can make and design your own porcelain trinkets as well as pottery wheels that may bring back memories of the movie Ghost. There are many easels that have multiple activities that make these toys much more than coloring stations. You can color and create your own umbrella or clutch. Let's not forget jewelry, in which there are hundreds of toys to choose from. No matter the activity you're looking for a child, there's probably a kit for it. Scroll back up to get started watching videos and finding great kits and products for your kids.

Arts & Crafts for kids will inspire your children to be creative and explore their artistic side and will allow them to stretch their imagination, express themselves, and develop self-confidence, while creating masterpieces they can be proud of.

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