Diaper Bag 411—Total Guide for Your Trendy Tote

A diaper bag is an absolute must when you have a baby in tow—and it’s also a fashion statement for today’s moms. And why not? It’s probably your most visible accessory when you’re lugging that tot. So there’s nothing wrong with feeling stylish, too. After all, you could always just toss your baby essentials into a large tote, but a diaper bag in addition to reflecting your personal style has more important functions. It gives you the proper compartments, cleaning options and accessories you absolutely need for baby.

But don’t go overboard! While you might think you need to pack everything, including the kitchen sink, into your bag, this isn’t the case. We have the absolute musts to prepare you for a full day out with your babe. Whether it’s a diaper blow out, feeding time or just playtime, these essentials will have you covered. Kitchen sink on the other hand… that’s optional.

Monaco Mini Geo 2 Pocket Hobo Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag – A diaper bag itself is an important purchase. Remember, this will be your lifeline for a few years so invest in one you’ll be happy to carry, but also is practical and useful. For some moms that diaper bag is like a purse, and they like having a couple, but you really only need one. The line of diaper bags from OiOi caters to all sorts of design and productivity concerns. It includes a wet pouch, insulated bottle holder, padded diaper changing mat and more. Choose a super sophisticated messenger style diaper bag for dad that also fits a laptop, or snag a classic hobo that can be used long after baby has outgrown the baby stage. You’ll appreciate the way these bags are on trend and super functional.

Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle

Baby Bottle – The kid’s gotta’ eat, so picking a perfect bottle is important. The MIXIE allows you to store formula in the bottle itself. When it’s time to feed, just add water, shake and you are ready. This clever bottle mixes the formula and water easily and effectively with the help of a floating compartment lid inside the bottle. Mixie has a patented airtight design, which keeps formula dry until it’s feeding time.

Jungle Jam Swaddle 4 Pack

Aden and Anais blankets – Aden and Anais muslin baby blankets are a staple for every diaper bag. These soft blankets can be used as nursing covers, swaddles, play mats, stroller blankets and more. Aden and Anais has sweet designs on their blankets to fit your style.

Flip Cube

Toy – A toy is a must in every diaper bag. Whether you have a baby or a toddler, choose toys to catch your child’s interest. The flip cube from Tiny Love is a hands-on toy with a lot of little surprises packed in. Crinkle leaves, peek a boo friends, a mirror and a puzzle are all part of this compact take along cube toy.

"Where's the Pacifier?" Clip Dinosaur

Pacifier – To help sooth baby, a pacifier can certainly come in handy. We like the Chewbeads pacifier clip that’s a teether and pacifier clip in one. You always feel so elegant scrambling after a runaway pacifier, right? Um, no. This clever silicon clip attaches to pretty much anything, including baby’s clothing to keep it secure and help you keep your dignity.

Peekaboo Barn

Books – It’s never too early to introduce reading to children. No matter the age, a favorite book is always a great take-along activity. Peek A Boo Barn is a simple board book that is educational and engaging for kids. It’s great for interactive time with your babe, or for independent reading (or chewing…sometimes) A free companion app can be downloaded to let kids engage in the farm fun on your smart device.

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