Our Top 6 Baby Picks from Toy Fair 2015

Last week, toy makers from near and far descended on New York City for the annual Toy Fair. And while this year’s top toys for baby featured lots of tech-savvy upgrades, we also saw a sweet assortment of handmade toys perfect for little ones.

For kids who have outgrown the teddy bear stage, we have Brobo (pictured), a line of nightlight buddies for toddlers from Hog Wild. Each stuffed robot features a vibrating, light-up belly to give little ones some comfort as well as an adorable pal to cuddle with in the dark.

Fisher-Price’s new Smart Connect technology makes life easier for new parents, allowing parents to control swings and mobiles from another room with the techy prowess of an app.

Estella’s handmade products for baby might be made in Peru and Bolivia, but they’ve got a New York state of mind. Its debut Brooklyn Collection features hand-knit, stuffed metro cards, taxicabs, and even the Brooklyn Bridge.

Skip Hop has a new Explore & More Rolling Owl Push Toy launching this spring. Designed for tots learning to walk, it makes gentle rain sounds, and the owl flaps its wings as kids push it around.

The Bumbo floor seat is getting a makeover for 2015. The new and improved Bumbo Multi Seat comes with a removable foam insert to carry baby into the toddler years. Seat buckles secure this seat onto chairs for mealtimes, and fun accessories easily suction onto the detachable tray.

For a child who is awake and ready to go before the sun even comes out, Stay Asleep Buddies: The Simple Sleep Trainer from Cloud b can help. The little stuffed hedgehog is a sleep timer that plays a fun melody and lights up to let kids know when it’s okay to wake up. It also features a motion sensor to sense your child stirring. And if it’s not rise-and-shine time, it plays a soft melody to soothe your child back to sleep.

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