Classic 80s Cartoon Toys With Recent Revivals

Back in 1980s, in the “ancient days” before streaming, Netflix, and iPads, kids gathered around the television on Saturday mornings and after school to catch their favorite cartoons. Now, decades later, we can share our love for our favorite 80s cartoon characters with a new generation. In addition to being able to watch them on demand, our beloved 80s cartoon characters are seeing a rebirth on the toy market. Check out these classic dolls that will bring on the nostalgia.


Strawberry Shortcake. This berry scented doll and her friends have a brand new show and a new look, but the old school Strawberry is still available in doll form. The 35th Anniversary rag doll looks just like you remember her, bonnet, rosy cheeks, and all.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A group of sewer dwelling, pizza loving, crime fighting, ninja-skills-having, mutant turtles could only have been born in the 80s. The four crime-fighters named for famous artists have survived decades later for you to share with your kids – if you want to share your toys, that is.


Care Bears. They were all about love, rainbows, and caring, spreading cheer with glowing chests. The Care Bears were one of the biggest hits of the 80s and the classic dolls are still around to spread a little joy with the Care Bear Stare.


Masters of the Universe. He-Man and his nemesis Skeletor battled for control of the Universe on television and move screens in the 1980s, as well as in living rooms everywhere through the popular line of action figures. The characters include He-Man’s sister She-Ra, who rode a winged horse right into her own spin-off series. It doesn’t get much more 80s than these character dolls.


Rainbow Brite. This colorful doll was the desire of every little girl in the 80s and still stands the test of time today. She’s seen a resurgence thanks to a new Hallmark line, and is the quintessential 80s doll.


My Little Pony. Talking ponies with special abilities and long, colorful manes won over kids in the 80s and continue to do so today. Thanks to the new Friendship is Magic series, these ponies are still all the rage, and the classic dolls are must-have items for young and old.

Jem. She was the truly outrageous star with an alter ego, Jerrica, leading her band The Holograms to superstardom in spite of the efforts of the venomous Misfits. Rock ‘n Roll, awesome 80s fashion, and amazing hair – Jem dolls are as cool now as they ever were and a classic 80s throwback.

Each of these characters has made a comeback and you can find new variations of the toys to share with your kids.  You may just find yourself having an adults night reliving your favorites like the Gummi Bears, Popples and Snorks after your kids go to bed.

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