8 Awesome Cooking Toys To Teach Kids Science

As any fan of Food Network star Alton Brown will tell you, cooking is science. And there’s no better way to teach your kids some scientific principles than through toys that produce delicious results. These awesome toys bring together a science lesson with a cooking lesson for some tasty education.


Scientific Explorer Tasty Science Kit.  This cool kit from Alex Brands offers 10 different food-making activities, each of which teaches a scientific principle. Included are concepts such as how soda becomes fizzy as well as what makes a cake rise. Each activity results in a sweet treat for kids to enjoy when they’re done.


Geek & Co. Chocolate Science Lab. What could be better than the promise of delicious chocolate to encourage kids to delve into some science? This Thames & Kosmos kit teaches kids about phases of matter and temperature while they make their own box of tasty chocolates to share—or not!


Thames & Kosmos Candy Chemistry.  Basic principles of chemistry and scientific ideas such as crystallization come to life as kids create, mold, and eventually devour a variety of different types of candy.  Rock candy, lollipops, and gummies are among the fun results of this educational kit.

Bakeology Science Kit

Playful Chef Tasty Food Science Bakeology. This kit from MindWare teaches principles involved in baking, such as the effects of heat and the principles that lead to how dough rises in the oven. Multiple experiments will lead to fresh-from-the-oven snacks you’ll be hinting at your kids to share.


Ignition Series Solar Cooking Science. Teach your kids about solar power with this super-cool Thames & Kosmos kit that actually cooks using the sun. While it might not roast a chicken, kids can heat up a hot dog or try to make water boil using natural energy – and they get to build it themselves.


Scientific Explorer Ice Cream Science Kit.  Looking for a little science lesson on a hot day?  Teach kids about ice crystals and other principles of freezing while you use rock salt to make your own frozen confections.


Discovery Box Kooky Kitchen. This kit contains 12 different kitchen experiments for kids to have fun and learn.  Not all of them will result in an edible treat, but they’ll entertain and educate along the way.


Project Mc2 Soda Pop Science.  This chemistry-based kitchen science kit teaches kids the science of making soda, while they experiment with flavors and fizz.  Kids will be able to taste the results as they mix and sweeten to their satisfaction – and learn what happens when things get a little too fizzy!

Playing and learning can be fun, especially when you combine them with a hobby like cooking.  These are only a few of the amazing STEM toys to keep your kids playing and learning year round.

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