8 Great Superheroine Action Figures

If you’ve got little ones who are out to save the world, we’ve got 8 spectacular superheroine dolls that will let their imaginations leap tall buildings in a single bound.  These 8 amazing action figures are just a few of the options that will let your little ones bring their favorite characters to life and join them in the fight against evil.

BIG-FIGS-BvS-20-inch-Wonderwoman1Big Figs Wonder Woman.  This Wonder Woman is a big doll for big imaginations.  At 19” tall, she’s a lot larger than the average action figure, and with multiple points of articulation your little superhero can put Wonder Woman in any pose or situation she can imagine.

DCsuperherogirldollsMattel DC Superhero Girls.  This set of modernized superheroes not only features classics like Super Girl and Wonder Woman, it also includes popular villains like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.  Six posable dolls complete the collection, and your little ones will love the more modern, updated superhero costumes.
batmanvsupermanwonderwomandollBatman vs. Superman Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman is experiencing something of a renaissance these days, thanks to her appearance in the movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  This particular doll looks just like the character from the movie, which is sure to win over the trendy superhero fan.
imaginextdcsuperfriendsheroinesImaginext DC Super Friends.  Got a younger superhero lover in the house?  This series of superhero dolls from Imaginext are small and simple, making them great for younger kids.  The lineup includes just about every DC hero kids could want on their toy shelf.
teentitangominifigsTeen Titans Go! Mini Figures.  Though they are not classic comic book superhero figures, this set of 6 characters will be a huge hit with kids that love the Teen Titans Go! TV show.  Small enough to carry along, but big enough for some action, these are great for younger imaginations, your heroes in training will adore the Raven and Starfire figurines.

barbiebatmanvsupermanwonderwoman.mattelBarbie Collector Super Hero Dolls. Barbie combined with the coolest female superheroes of all time?  You can’t go wrong.  Wonder Woman is the latest to get the Barbie treatment, but the legendary doll line offers a range of heroes, including Batgirl, Super Girl, and more.
dccomicsittybittysHallmark DC Comics Plush.  They may be soft and incredibly cute, but these itty bittys DC Comics Plush dolls are still going to save the day!  Hallmark’s line of plush superheroes, including the most adorable version of Wonder Woman you’ve ever seen.  Because it’s soft and cuddly, this Wonder Woman plush is perfect to defend your angel against the monsters under the bed at night.
dcsuperfriendslittlepeopleFisher-Price Little People DC Super Friends.  It’s hard to find great superhero toys for the toddler set; it’s even harder to find Wonder Woman with her own set of wheels.  Not only do the Little People Super Friends cover all of the bases, they are perfect for little hands and imaginations.

If you’re looking for a superheroine toy for your small savior, you can’t go wrong with the options above.

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